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Bamboo Sheets and Thread Count

Bamboo Sheets and Thread Count

Bamboo Sheets Thread Count

When picking out a new set of sheets, care needs to be taken to select sheets which not only feel great upon first purchase, but will continue to retain their appearance, feel, and moisture absorption even after extended use. Bamboo fabric is far softer than cotton at a lower thread count and holds outstanding natural moisture wicking and absorption which lasts.

Sheets made from bamboo viscose or rayon are sold at a fraction of the price of 1000-thread count cotton, matching its quality and silky softness at a far lower count. Here we’ll be explaining bamboo sheets’ thread count and showing you why you get a softer, longer lasting sheet for a fraction of price of high-end cotton.

Lightweight and Luxurious

Bamboo fabrics are lightweight thanks to the rounded, elongated nature of the bamboo fibers used to spin the yarn. A lustrous, thick, soft texture is achieved with a very low thread count, helping keep bamboo towels, bedding, and other creations extremely light while sacrificing no aspect of quality. A great deal of praise has been given to luxury 1,000-thread count Egyptian cotton, yet bamboo viscose, rayon, and lyocell bamboo fabrics match the elegance and silky softness at a 300-thread count.

Why Does Bamboo Feature a Lower Thread Count? 

Cotton fibers are far shorter than bamboo fibers, regardless of the individual manufacturing process employed. These fibers then spun to fabric, resulting in a higher thread count than cotton when aiming to produce a textile which is soft and smooth to the touch. In addition, cotton fibers also have minute spurs which can irritate your skin even if the fabric feels silky smooth.

Bamboo fibers are rounded and elongated, without the presence of any spurs or barbs, making them perfect for young children or people with sensitive skin. The natural tubular structure of bamboo fibers ensures that you’re the textile is plush, reducing the amount of piling needed to manufacture the fabric from the raw material.

Thread Count Considerations

Short staple fibers are often woven into short lengths of bedding fabric. The total span of the fiber of your fabric has a great effect on the quality and feel. Even a 1,000 thread count cotton sheet can quickly loose its softness after a few washes if the staple length of the fabric used was too short.

Manufacturers use a silicone-based spray that helps the short cotton fibers remain compacted together, negating the effects of pilling for a short period of time. There are no such practices found when purchasing bamboo fabrics and products, as the naturally long fibers require no synthetics to be spun into large staple lengths.

Bamboo – The Best Choice

When shopping for supremely soft cotton sheets, one needs to pay careful attention to the thread count; however, bamboo sheets exceed expectations without needing to worry ever whether or not you have select the right quality fabric. Even affordably priced bamboo sheets typically start at a 250 to 300 thread count which feels at times smoother than high-end cotton even when at the lower end of the scale.