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Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo Pillow Benefits

Bamboo pillows come with a range of health and comfort benefits which clearly set them ahead as the top choice for anyone looking for long-lasting style for a good night’s rest. From memory foam manufactured from bamboo, to silky soft bamboo covers, there are many bamboo pillow benefits to be found. These span everything from healing applications to eco-friendly sustainability.

Here we’ll be taking a closer look at bamboo pillow benefits, pointing out what makes them the very best type of pillow regardless of your budget.

What are Bamboo Pillows Made of?

Before we can understand how bamboo pillows supply you with a superior quality of sleep and a host of healing benefits, we first need to look at what bamboo pillows are made of.

Bamboo is classified as a woody grass, scientifically classified as part of the bambusoideae family. It is one of the most sustainable sources of hardwood, which is then processed into bamboo fiber. Thanks to the rapid growth rate akin to grass, but with heights reached as high as a tree, bamboo trees continue growing after they have been cut and harvested.

Processing the Raw Bamboo

Raw bamboo is extremely stiff and rough before undergoing a rigorous manufacturing process. A treatment process involves crushing the bamboo to a pulp, before chemicals are added. Two main varieties of bamboo fibers are commonly manufactured, namely bamboo viscose, and rayon from bamboo.

You will find that most bamboo pillows are filled with a blend of memory foam and either viscose from bamboo, or rayon. In addition, the pillow cover is also typically made from viscose or rayon. Viscose rayon is semi-synthetic, while rayon yarn is spun from a pulping extract of bamboo.

The Many Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow

Switching to a bamboo pillow brings a host of health and comfort benefits. Not only do most bamboo pillows feel silky smooth and conform to the contours of your neck, head, and shoulders extremely well, but they are also hiding a range of inherent helpful qualities. Here’s a look at the benefits which you will get when opting for a bamboo pillow.

Remarkable Antimicrobial Properties

Regenerated bamboo fibers, otherwise known as bamboo viscose, carry bamboo kun which is a natural, inherent antimicrobial agent. Bamboo fabric is light and breathability, with superb resistance to odor-causing bacteria, as well as insects such as mites and bed bugs. Most good bamboo pillows are designed to be as hypoallergenic as possible, assisting the fabric’s ability to prevent infestations of microorganisms. Bamboo pillows and bedding are not susceptible to mildew, mold, or bacteria.

Excellent Weight and Temperature Distribution

Pillows filled with a combination of memory foam and bamboo are known to have outstanding weight distribution, perfectly supporting the full form of your head, neck, and shoulders.

A good pillow will conform to your body contours, holding its shape well which gives you relief thanks to excellent ergonomics. Bamboo pillows are covered with a fabric woven from bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon, both of which disperse and regulate temperature extremely well, staying cool during the warmth months, and retaining heat during the cold.

Outstanding Moisture Absorption

Another innate benefit of bamboo pillows is their moisture-wicking ability. The viscose from bamboo or rayon from bamboo cover will efficiently absorb and disperse moisture, while the antimicrobial properties present ensure that no odor-causing bacteria are left to breed.

Unlike cotton, the majority of the moisture accumulated is allowed to evaporate into the air, rather than being absorbed. You are kept dry and comfortable even when the heat causes you to sweat. Cool to the touch at all times, bamboo sheets are simply the best at keeping you dry and comfortable.

Superior Softness

With a 300-thread count bamboo viscose or rayon being equivalent to 1000-thread count cotton, bamboo textiles are clearly superior. Your pillow will remain silky smooth and soft to the touch even after extensive use and many cycles through the washer and dryer. Bamboo pillows are much softer than cotton and last far longer as well.

They also stay clean for longer periods of time thanks to the moisture dispersion and antimicrobial properties. Your pillow does not need to be washed with any fabric softener to retain its silky feel. It does not wrinkle and is fully machine washable.

Unbeatable Bamboo Pillows

The support and comfort supplied by superior quality bamboo pillows is utterly unbeatable. You are given excellent ergonomic support for your head and neck, while the feel of the fabric itself could not be more luxurious. Thanks to the antimicrobial nature of bamboo fabrics, you pillow stays cool, fresh, and dry no matter the circumstances or environment.

Ensure yourself a good night’s rest by picking a bamboo pillow. Both completely organic bamboo pillows and semi-synthetics such as rayon and viscose from bamboo are equally comfy and long lasting, while remaining extremely affordable as well.