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Bamboo in the Bathroom

Bamboo in the Bathroom

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are manufactured from ecologically friendly sustainable bamboo, carrying a silky soft feel which lasts for years. From superior moisture wicking, to quality which tops even top-class cotton, bamboo towels are an affordable yet luxurious choice.

Here we’ll be explaining the many benefits of bamboo towels, helping you see why making you should make the switch to bamboo. Whether you need full length bath towels, guest towels, or full-fledged bathrobes, bamboo fabrics are the best choice for your health and comfort.

The Best Towels for Sensitive Skin

Bamboo fabric has a feel which is smooth and soft, often being compared to that of silk without slipping from the skin. Towels made from bamboo viscose are extremely plush, holding their soft texture even after extensive use. Thanks to the rounded nature of the bamboo fibers themselves, bamboo towels are the optimal choice for those with sensitive skin as they will never become abrasive to any degree.

Bath and kitchen towels made from bamboo are typically either a blend of cotton and bamboo yarn woven together into a blend, or 100% bamboo, which is the healthiest option for those with sensitive skin. Milky Sheet's Bamboo towels are made from 100% bamboo fibres.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Odor Resistant

Bamboo kun is a natural compound which is resistant to the buildup of bacteria and pests. Bamboo towels and other items made from bamboo fabric are therefore resistant to mold and mildew, as well as a range of pests and microorganisms. Your towels will never accrue odor and are completely hypoallergenic. You can expect no form of skin irritation thanks to not having any lanolin, one of the primary causes of allergic reactions to towels.

Quick Drying Thanks to Outstanding Moisture Absorption

The absorption rate of bamboo is fantastic, being rated at 40% more effective than cotton. This in combination with the moisture wicking, which is four times more effective than cotton, makes bamboo towels among the most absorbent soft materials available. You will never pick up a towel to find that it is damp and smelly from yesterday’s shower. Your towel will always be fresh, dry, and ready for you.

Great Thermal Regulation

There are few towels which feature thermal regulation as effective as bamboo towels. The unique structure of the bamboo fibers ensures that warmth is retained in cold weather, while the towel stays cool to the touch when it’s hot. Your towel adapts quickly to the temperature of your bathroom, making bamboo towels one of the most comfortable ways to dry yourself regardless of the season. Bathrobes made from bamboo towels are luxurious and practical, leaving you dry in no time while feeling as if you have pure silk against your skin. If you prefer conventional bath towels, there is no quicker way to dry yourself. Unlike cheap, inferior fabrics, bamboo towels do not simply ‘push’ the water around, they absorb effectively without any abrasion.

Durability Which Can’t Be Beaten

The durability of bamboo towels is nothing short of outstanding. They are very resistant to pilling, staying plush and soft through many years of use. There is no need to wash your bamboo towels with harsh detergents, and fabric softener is never needed. Bamboo fabrics manage to retain their appearance, feel, and anti-microbial properties even through extensive use and many cycles through the wash. Bamboo toweling does not absorb oils from your skin, translating to a towel which will not discolor through regular use.

Always Soft and Smooth

Unlike other fabrics, the fibers of bamboo textiles do not degrade over time. Your bamboo towels will retain their appearance and feel even after putting put through the wash many times. Cotton fibers feature barb-like structures which are often silicone sprayed to condense them into smooth strands.

Over time, these fibers degrade, which mars both the appearance and texture of your towel. Bamboo towels arrive silky and stash plush and smooth without the need for fabric softener or frequent washing. You will notice that you need to wash your towels far less when opting for bamboo fabrics. They are a great choice for hand towels, and nothing beats the feeling against your skin.

How to Care for Bamboo Towels

All that it takes to keep your bamboo towels clean, soft, and in a condition which is near new, is a run through a light cycle with cold water. Use a light detergent and refrain from using fabric softener as it is not needed and will instead fill the micro-gaps in the bamboo fibers of your towel, reducing its absorbency.

Most good bamboo towels have been heat treated prior to being sold so that they experience minimal shrinkage; however, sticking to a cold-water wash is still the safest. You can tumble dry your towels at a low heat or alternatively simply leave them to air dry. Thanks to the excellent moisture wicking, bamboo towels dry in no time. There is no need to iron your towels as doing so would make them less absorbent.