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Why Bamboo Sheets are Perfect for Winter?

Why Bamboo Sheets are Perfect for Winter?

When Winter approaches we begin to plan for the things we need in order to stay warm throughout the night. We mostly think of heaters, cosy blankets and quilts without even realising how important the choice of bed sheets can be in helping you achieve the optimal temperature while you sleep.

Most people that sleep on bamboo sheets find them very effective at keeping them cool in Summer, however they mistakenly think that they are only for Summer.

Bamboo sheets are just as effective in Winter as they are in Summer. They feel cool when you first get into bed, however they adjust very quickly to your body temperature and help maintain that temperature all night long. So how exactly does this happen?

Scientific studies have proven that bamboo has a lower heat conductivity than other fabrics such as cotton. Heat conductivity is the measure of the speed at which heat can be transferred through a material. The lower it is the less tendency for heat to escape through the fabric. When your skin touches the bamboo fabric, the heat from your body is being transferred to the bamboo sheets, and this heat is then trapped within the fibres. So that’s how bamboo work with your body to regulate body temperature and provide the perfect temperature for sleep.

Those who suffer from dry skin and eczema will also benefit from sleeping on bamboo during Winter. The cold temperature, wind and dry heat from heaters leave many people with itchy, dry skin and are enough to cause eczema flare-ups. Everything that’s touching your skin can aggravate the problem. Because your skin is more sensitive, it’s beneficial to choose a more gentle and soft fabric such as bamboo. Other fabrics such as low quality cotton will be too harsh for your skin. It is also important to choose bamboo sheets where the bamboo fibres have been organically grown without any pesticides and not treated with any harsh chemicals as these can trigger eczema.

So you do not have to put away your bamboo sheets in Winter, as it is scientifically proven that bamboo keeps you warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. This makes them great and kind to your skin all year round.