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Bamboo Sheets Benefits

Bamboo Sheets Benefits

Are Bamboo Sheets Worth It?

Breathable, silky smooth, extremely lightweight, and eco-friendly, bamboo bedding is among the best you can buy. Bamboo bedsheets, comforters, duvet covers, and pillows have become exceeding popular, with more manufacturers turning to this sustainable textile. Most people who try bamboo sheets find that they are so comfortable that they are perfect for use in any season, making it hard to go back to any other type of bedding. From greater durability to a range of health benefits, here we’ll be showing exactly why bamboo sheets are worth it.

Bamboo Sheets Benefits

With the luxurious feel of imported silk and a cost more akin to cotton, bamboo sheets and bedding are versatile, affordable, and packed with benefits. You can’t beat the sustainability, with bamboo requiring 90% less water and no pesticides. Even when highly processed, bamboo textiles have a very low environmental footprint. There are no better bed sheets for summer, and you will love the way they hug your body in all seasons. Here’s a look at the benefits which you reap when using bamboo bed sheets.

Soft and Comfortable

Bamboo bed sheets are supremely comfortable. There are few other fabrics which can rival the soft, silky feel of bamboo bedding. The fabric is breathable and extremely dense. Once woven, a 300-thread-count bamboo textile is roughly equivalent to a 1,000-thread count cotton, while being far more durable. They are one of the best choices for young children or those with sensitive skin. Thanks to not losing their softness over time, bamboo sheets are the prime choice for anyone who wants total comfort and a good night’s rest.

Long-Lasting Durability

Conventional bed sheets are created from cotton and other fabrics which involve short fibers being interwoven together. Bamboo bed sheets instead stretch long fibers across the entire length of the fabric used, making them far more resistant to tearing than conventional sheets. Bamboo bedding cannot absorb the oils from your skin, ensuring that your sheets do not turn dull and begin to yellow over time. You will find that your bamboo sheets will retain their brand-new appearance for many years to come.

Superior Stain Resistance

Another great feature of bamboo sheets is how resistant they are to stains. The moisture wicking in combination with dense fibers, the ability to not absorb oil, and the antimicrobial properties, combine into a fabric which displays superior stain resistance. Your sheets will retain their silky appearance for many years without needing to wash them with any harsh chemicals such as bleach.

Outstanding Insect, Germ and Microbe Resistance

Bamboo sheets feature outstanding microbial resistance. Studies show that that viscose rayon and regenerated bamboo fabrics are more than three times as effective at combatting the formation and growth of bacterial colonies. Most good bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and naturally repel insects such as dust mites. Your sheets will never develop mold or mildew, remaining fresh and new even after extensive use. They are the top choice for anyone who suffers from allergies, and one of the most hygienic forms of bedding available.

Bamboo Sheets Accept Natural and Organic Dyes

Manufacturers have an open canvas before them when working with bamboo textiles. Bamboo sheets accept natural and organic dyes extremely well, with the color being set fast once the fabric is dyed. You will never need to be concerned about your color fading or running regardless of how your sheets are washed. The vibrancy of the color of bamboo sheets and bedding is hard to beat.


Organic bamboo sheets are manufactured from sustainable bamboo sources which are not treated with excessive toxic chemicals. True bamboo linen is a natural fiber which is similar to hemp or flax linen; however, the softness is lacking. Rayon from bamboo, or viscose bamboo is the second option, which is far less toxic than other methods.

Viscose and rayon are not completely organic; however, they are stronger than alternatives and use less water, energy, and chemicals than any other method. The highest quality organic bamboo sheets are grown in an organic bamboo plantation sustainably, with the fibers being processed as viscose or rayon using what is termed lyocell processing.

Sustainable Growth

Bamboo does not require excessive irrigation (up to 90% less than cotton) and needs little to no pesticides. It can be grown on arid land and is currently the world’s largest source of sustainable hardwood. Crops grow very quickly and when processed using the lyocell method, there are very few chemicals. Yet the final product can end up being far from natural if excessive chemical dyes and treatments are used.

Be sure to check that your choice of bamboo sheets, pillows, or bedding are as natural as possible. This will give you the longest lasting durability, the greatest value for money, and the highest level of comfort.

Bamboo Sheets Australia

Australia has emerged as one of the world’s premier producers of fine bamboo textiles. The industry delivers superior quality bedding produced from sustainable sources of bamboo. Top Australian bamboo sheets will come certified as organic, with everything from quilted bamboo sets to pillowcase pairs, fitted sheets, and more available at great prices. With the utmost care given to all aspects of quality, the Australian bamboo industry is a trusted source of bamboo sheets, bedding, pillows, and other items.

The Best Bamboo Bed Sheets

Certain bamboo sheets even blend charcoal powder into the bamboo fabric which increases the resistance to bacteria, odors, and insects, while moisture wicking even faster than standard bamboo rayon. The comfort and luxurious feel of organic bamboo sheets are equal to that of high-end Egyptian cotton. They are far more sustainable and are equally as durable, given proper care.

Always use a gentle cycle with cold water and use a low heat on your tumble dryer. If possible, rather leave your bamboo sheets to air dry. With light care and no harmful detergents, bleach, or fabric softener ever needed, your sheets will refrain looking new and smelling fresh for many years to come.